Product and Service Barcoding Management

A Barcode is a sequence of thick and thin lines or bars enclosed between two parallel black lines at either end. It is a one-dimensional visual representation of data that a computer with a laser scanning device can read and translate.

On Inventory management barcodes save you time, money, and the hassle of manually tracking and managing your products. When used with the right Inventory Management Software, barcodes help you get instant access to the status of your inventory products.

Inventory barcoding systems include SKU barcodes, UPC barcodes, QR codes & Data Matrix codes:

SKU barcodes
SKU – Stock Keeping Unit is used for internal inventory tracking. It’s an alphanumeric code that represents a physical product. When scanned the characters in the SKU represent details about product or service.

UPC barcodes
UPC – Universal Product Code is for external use. Each UPC uniquely identifies a company and its product. If you’re selling products or services to other vendors, they will likely require a UPC barcode for each product.

QR Codes
QR – Quick Response are ideal for inventory tracking. They are capable of storing lots of data. When scanned they allow user to access information instantly. A single QR code can hold more than 7000 numbers or 4000 alphanumeric characters.

When selecting a barcoding system to help in your inventory, consider the following uses:

  • Tracking inventory for internal use only.
  • For Wholesale products.
  • Selling to clients or customers.
  • Share Product or Service information.

Some of the major benefits of right product barcoding:

  1. Barcodes eliminate the likelihood of human typing error.  A barcode scan fast and it takes much less time than entering data by typing.
  2. Improved Inventory control and tracking either internally or externally therefore reduce the time spent searching for products therefore improving transaction processes.
  3. Inventory Stocktaking becomes so much faster when all inventories are barcoded. It also promotes accuracy on counted products description.
  4. Barcodes promote better decision making because of Swift and Accurate means of obtaining data therefore saving time and money.

Barcodes are both cost-effective and reliable for business looking forward to improve efficiency. Let’s support your Business on improving Inventory products Barcoding and Description. Our customizable system is able to verify existing Inventory list Product Barcoding and Naming Description and rectify according to set standards.

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