Stock-take In Retail And Wholesale Trade Industry

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To achieve the above Stock-take objectives it is crucial the process should be planned and prepared accordingly.  The best suitable Stock-take method is the one that provide reports and real-time information during stock-take count progress and at completion of the process.

Inventory Product Expiry Management

Product Expiration Date Also referred as Product Shelf Life, it is the date period that a product is fit for consumption or sale. Product past indicated expiry date becomes unfit for consumption or sale. For our case Expired products incurRead More

Product and Service Barcoding Management

A Barcode is a sequence of thick and thin lines or bars enclosed between two parallel black lines at either end. It is a one-dimensional visual representation of data that a computer with a laser scanning device can read andRead More

Distribution Center Inventory And Process Management

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Nairobi Bottlers Distribution Center Inventory and Process Management is a cloud based system designed to manage stock and control loss through monitoring and trucking business processes. The system is simplified to enable Depot owners or Managers manage Purchases, Sales, Empties, Stock,Read More